• Rusizi

Though one of the fewer locations to visit along Lake Kivu because of the limited lodges in the area, the Rusizi point of touring the beautiful Lake Kivu presents many scenic advantages. You can take a boat to the Islands and even embark on a nature walk that presents a calm, beautiful scene before you. The exploration also provides an opportunity to interact with and better know local Rwandans. You can also choose to visit the hot springs and take a warm dip on your exploration journey.

  • Karongi

Lake Kivu is one of the preferred destination for tourists visiting Rwanda. Exploring this beautiful lake from Karongi is a lifetime opportunity. From boat rides to lunches by the lake, there is no shortage of fun activities that you can engage in on your visit. There are also a number of important sites and landmarks including the environmental museum for you to explore. On your tour, you can also visit the Amahoro Island where you can stop to take lunch and even engage in physical sport like volleyball. Additionally, you can visit the Ndaba rock and learn more about it from young children who make a living from telling the stories. Whether as an individual or as a group, this tour experience will present you beautiful experience that you can document through photographs as well.

  • Rubavu

Rubavu is a beach coast town along the shores of Lake Kivu. Rubavu is a great relaxing environment and Rubavu is popularly known as Rwanda’s beachfront. It is not so far from the Volcanoes National Park and so after exploring the park, you can head over to Rubavu to find some relaxation. Rubavu is also the beginning of the Congo Nile trails and affords you an exploration of the different agricultural production plantations owned by local Rwandans.