• Game Drive

The game drive is one of the most popular tourist experiences at the Akagera National Park and indeed in the entire list of tourist experiences in Rwanda. You get to see many of the animals in the park up close. The park is home to several big mammals including giraffes, zebras, elephants, buffaloes, lions, and hippopotamuses. The park is also home to a numerous number of bird species. Driving around in custom-made tourism vehicles, you become almost one in nature with these amazing wildlife. On your game drive, you will also be accompanied by a guide that not only provides protection but who is knowledgeable about the park and its different plant and animal life. There are many types of cats as well to experience including civets, leopards and lions (as mentioned already). There are options as well to embark on this game drive in the night that presents you a whole new different experience of the park.

  • Community Cultural Experiences

An important part of visiting Akagera National Park is partaking in some of the organized community cultural experiences that have been developed to help visitors and explorers better see and understand Rwanda. These community cultural experiences include the opportunity to witness local production carried out by Rwandans which might include banana beer and honey production. Also because of the great cattle population, you can witness milk production as well. Another beautiful experience when visiting these neighbouring communities is the exploration of the Imigongo art. Imigongo is mostly done by women using largely cow dung to make artistic designs that adorn many households and places in Rwanda. You will also get to experience life from the perspective of the community freelance guides and perhaps be able to walk in their shoes.

  • Boat Trip (Morning or Sunset)

Boat trips in the Akagera National park allows you to observe crocodiles, hippopotamuses and also birds at different times of the day. This is mostly in the morning and at sunset. You will also be able to observe other wildlife in the park and many water birds. The Lake Ihema presents you a great opportunity in the park to view all the aforementioned wildlife.

  • Camping

Camping is one of the more common forms of accommodation at the Akagera National part and it promises an unforgettable experience for tourists and other visitors to the park. Being a flat grassland area, it is the perfect camping site. Camping is not only enjoyable but also affordable. There are a number of camp sites including ShakaniAkagera Campsite, Mutamba Akagera Campsite and Muyumba Campsite. Each of this different campsites offers unique views and experiences including access to the lakeshore, rolling hills and grasslands and more. You can either hire tents in the area to camp or you can bring along your own tents. The camp sites also allow you to observe the rich and diverse bird life in the park.

  • Fishing

Even though the Lake Ihema in Akagera National Park is home to cocodiles and hippos, it nevertheless remains a great fishing spot to carry out recreational fishing. There are a variety of fishing methods that you can practice in this sport fishing. These certainly require some expertise and so you will be accompanied and assisted by guides who can also teach you these different fishing methods. They will also help you stay aligned with the important fishing guidelines to be practiced. Fishing equipment can be acquired at the entrance of the park. Importantly, you will be able to both see the waters and the park as you fish. 

  • Walk the line

Walk the line is a special tour experience in the Akagera National Park that allows you to see the park on foot. The Walk the Fence line in particular allows you to walk in the shoes of a park attendant that does the same every morning. Park attendants walk the 120km fence line every day. You will be accompanied by a community freelance guide. The walk takes a little over 2 hours to complete and will allow you to experience spectacular views in all directions.