• Canopy Walk Adventure

The canopy walk is one of the most-treasured experiences of visiting the Nyungwe national park. As the only canopy walk experience in Africa, this presents a breathtaking experience for adventure lovers. Suspended on the rope ladders is an amazing experience in itself but even more rewarding is the opportunity to view some beautiful and distinct wildlife including birds, monkeys and other animals that one cannot see from the ground. This 200m canopy walk way is suspended across huge trees with a deep, rich forest below. The view from the canopy walk is something you will never forget

  • Chimpanzee Tracking

The Nyungwe forest is one of the few places where you will find the chimpanzees in Rwanda, boasting a huge population of over 500 chimpanzees. You will have the opportunity to witness chimps close-up munching tree figs and moving around in their natural habitat. Chimpanzees share a lot of human characteristics and so it is really fun getting to watch them up close. Also, as playful characters, you can see them swinging from one tree to another and then coming down to the ground to find food.

  • Waterfall

The Nyungwe forest national park boasts a number of waterfall experiences that will delight any adventurous visitor. One of these key ones is the Kamiranzovu waterfall that’s located deep in the forest and takes quite some time to access. Once accessed, it is a worthy prize for the time and stress. The gushing waterfalls are a sight you will remember for a long time. Another waterfall experience is the Isumo waterfall hike. You will have the chance to see multitude of beautiful bird species and even be able to rest a bit for a picnic as you observe the lovely flora and fauna with the waterfall in the background.

  • Guided Birding Walk

With over 300 bird species and 27 of the Albertine rift, the Nyungwe national part forest is considered an important international bird area by Bird Life International. This will be a delight for any professional bird-watcher. It might be a bit difficult to find the birds initially but therein lies the challenge of the adventure- being able to spot these beautiful creatures perched in tree tops, branches among other parts of the dense forest. There is also the sonorous songs and sometimes not so sonorous depending on the species. Birds can be watched all year long in the park.

  • Guided Nature Trails

A guided nature trail tour in the Nyungwe natural forest park is one of the most rewarding yet affordable approaches to discovering the beauty of this dense, rich forest and the wonders of nature. There are a variety of options and trails for exploring Nyungwe forest and can go anywhere from 1-8 hours of exploring activity and perhaps even for several days. While Nyungwe has a network of nature trails, it also boasts a steep landscape which make exploration all the more exciting. The over 130km of hiking trails provides a rich exposure to different beautiful wildlife including beautiful bird species and primates. There are also beautiful flowers and majestic trees to make your adventure worthwhile. For anyone fascinated by the outdoors, the guided nature trails are a treasure waiting to be discovered.

  • Congo Nile

The Congo Nile trail is found along Lake Kivu and extends all the way from Rubavu via a number of districts until Rusizi District. The Congo Nile trail is the hikers dream that can take a 10-day period to cover but also offers a close-up exciting way to discover the Lake Kivu. The Congo Nile trails also affords an opportunity to interact with Rwandan locals and observe how they go about their lives. You’ll discover, coffee, tea and banana plantations along the way as you move through settlements. You might even stop and interact with these locals and come away having a deeply human experience in the midst of this exploration. You can also complete the trail through different means- walking, cycling, driving, etc and sections of the trail can be completed especially if you don’t have all the time to complete the entire trail.

  • Camping

Nyungwe doesn’t boast structures accommodation infrastructure within its park and so, the option for visitors planning to hike over a number of days is to camp. And of course, camping then becomes one of the most-rewarding experiences that many visitors/hikers to the pack look forward to as they explore the forest park. There are quite a number of camping sites within and outside the park where you can rent a tent affordably. Some of these camp sites are also traditional Rwandan huts that will give you and experience of local Rwanda